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Disconnect Your Oughta-Pilot     $14.95


If you’re fed up with setting your own dreams aside while you help everyone else find theirs, this book is for you. Take back your life and live your purpose — on your terms — with power, passion and possibility. Experience your joy through DreamBuilding, Planifesting your future and learning a new FOCUS. Step by step process and exercises designed to free you from the shoulds and ought-to’s that are holding you back.


How to Create A Rich, Successful And Fulfilling Life:   $18.00

Co-authored with International Association of Professional Life Coaches members

How to Create a Rich, Successful, and Fulfilling Life     Click on image to order.







Gratitudinous Attitude Journal    $19.95

Gratitudinous Attitude Journal



Color By Numbers Bound Report $69.00

color analysis cover


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  1. The gratitude journal was a real gift. I didn’t think it would work because the concept is too simple. But it did. In two weeks the things I was trying to attract started showing up, but I didn’t even realize it until I took off the paperclip! Awesome. I’m ordering several of these for friends and family!

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